Our Process

Proudly Serving You From Our Jaipur Facility

At The CrossWild, we believe that our offerings are about you! We aim to offer an amazing customer experience that goes beyond your expectations each and every time. To fulfil this aim, we have curated a unique process of manufacturing that includes:

Client Meeting

Assessing your requirements is crucial to delivering the finest quality product. We conduct multiple meetings with our clients so that we can focus on the minutest of the detail. Once the requirements are understood, we move to the next step of our process- Sampling.


We have a huge collection of customised material and products for personal and business use that fits every style, budget, and occasion. You can choose from our own exclusive designs or create your very own template for the desired product. Once sampling is complete, the required material is sent to the next stage, i.e., cutting.

Fabric Cutting

Once sampling is done, the selected fabric is cut into the desired shape. Now, we don’t only offer standard and fixed size options to our clients as we don’t want to restrict their options. Whether you ask for a small size or a large size, we can accommodate you at this stage.


Once the fabric for bag/ t-shirt/ hoodie is ready, it goes for fine stitching. Our skilled workers work hard to tailor your piece to the maximum possible precision.


Our printing technique allows us to maximise efficiency and consistently deliver quality and savings to you. With state-of-the-art printing techniques and tools, the CrossWild ensures that your product gets ready with crisp and bright prints that last a lifetime.

The clients can choose from digital printing, screen printing, sublimation printing, or rubber printing for their customised products.

Checking and Testing

We never want you to feel cheated or duped because of defective products. Therefore, we check and test every product before delivering it to you. Our quality check department reviews each item and makes revisions if required.

Packing and Shipping

We know that as a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to deliver the package carefully at your doorsteps. So, we have partnered with packing and shipping companies to deliver your packages on time. Our shipping solutions help you minimise your cost and maximise your profit.